The Centrifuge Radio Show #77 & #78

Got behind on uploads due to some recording issues with the last two shows, but here they are:
The Centrifuge Radio Show #77 – Stream/Download here

Deepchord – Fourier [Soma]
Bicep & Omar Odyssey – Don’t do it [Aus]
Scuba – The Hope (Recondite’s Morning Promenade mix) [Hotflush]
T-Toe – These Tones ft Mariah Carey [CSS]
Barker & Baumecker – Schlangbang [Ostgut Ton]
T8R – Felsenmeer (Cogidubnus rmx) [Broken Bubble]
Tanka – Make Some Music (Echologist filthy reshape) [Inhale]
Cosmin TRG – De Dans [50 Weapons]
VCMG – Aftermaths (LFO rmx) [Mute]
Untold – Overdrive [Hemlock]
Threnody – Fractured [Dub]
Pearson Sound – Underdog [Hessle]
Bobby Champs – Mint 400 [Pictures]
Mr Jones – Black Sense (Niereich rmx) [The Public Stand]
D-R-U-N-K – I dont need to sleep (D-R-U-N-K space remix) [Police]
Paul Mac – Undoubted [EPM]
Pixelord – Freeze the star [Civil Music]
Jon Convex ft Velvit – What I need [Convex Industries]
Phat Chex – Puxton Bridge [Darkfloor]
Ikonika – Cold Soaking [Hum & Buzz]
Death Abyss – Morality is a Handicap [Rodz-Konez]
Blue daisy & Unknown Shapes – All night long [Black Acre]
Kab Driver – Batteria (ft Boxcutter & Brian Green) [Airflex labs]
Wirewound – interceptor [Stasis]
Author – In The Sky [free]
Airhead – Black Ink [R&S]
KDG – Beef [Bedroom Research]
Sorrow – Reaper [Bandcamp]
iON ghost – Vincent [Swishcotheque]
Vaetxh – Crumbling Shuffle [Detroit Underground]
Coppe – Forbidden [Bit-Phalanx]
Chordata – Resist [Tudor Beats]
Pixelord – Been Lookin’ [Civil Music]
Fracture – Bad Habits Om Unit rmx [Astrophonica]
Nolige – Call to prayer rmx [Scientific Wax]
C Mantle – TTOIGabba [Soundcloud]
Kid 606 – Godspeed you African American Emperor [Tigerbeat]

The Centrifuge Radio Show #78 – Guest mix from Lifecycle (Ricochet Records) – Stream/Download Here

NeferTT – Bless Moon [Hotflush]
DFRNT – Prism [Echodub]
Deepchord – The Universe as a Hologram [Soma]
Ripperton – Let’s Hope [Tamed Musiq]
BcingU#6 ft Joss – What You Sayin (T-toe’s ‘got courage to ask out the city lights girl’ Remix) [CSS]
Jon Convex & Breakage – No Love [Convex Industries]
Butane – Hey Hipster [Alphahouse]
Stefan Goldmann – The Outness Queens [Macro]
Tudor Acid – The Sound of Raindrops [Tudor Beats]

Lifecycle guest mix:

Redshape – Brick Brack [Present]
They Live – Mr Spaldings Neighbourhood [Exit]
The Fractal Skulls – Operator [Subexotic]
Wirik – 2050 [Harmonious Dischord]
Lifecycle – Freezer Cats [white]
John Tejada – Our Gigantic Mistake [Palette]
Fan Erhalder / Aunderwex – Uran 154 [Russian Techno]
Kawatin – Clap [Ricochet]
Sign 13 – J-Jak [Play]
Momu – We Are Connected (Lifecycle city of dis disco vip rmx) [white]
D3adl1ne – Still Believing (Reilly Steel rmx) [HotNHeavy]
October – Control Room Interior [Caravan]
Si Begg – The Enemy Within [white]
Kawatin – Trick of the Light (Lifecycle rmx) [Ricochet]
Patscan – untitled [Ricochet]
AFX – Backdoor.Netshadow [Rephlex]
Anodyne – Empire of Glass [Combat]
Pale Sketcher – The Rainy Season [Ghostly]
Kawatin – Antisocial Activism [Ricochet]
Deadman’s Ghost – Amygdala (Defcon rmx) [Umor Rex]
The Black Dog – Late Night Cabin Fever [Dust Science]

Mathew Jonson – Passage to the other side [Itiswhatitis]
Barker & Baumecker – Buttcracker [Ostgut Ton]
Phat Chex – Kitchen Sync [Darkfloorsound]
Deadbeat – Punta de chorros [BLKRTZ]
Trevino – Under surveillance [Applepips]
Death Abyss – Come as the Reaper and Thus You Will Sow (Israel Vines Remix) [Rodz-Konez]
Wirewound – Flux Density [Stasis]
Dr Octagon – Aliens (Kalbata remix) [Soundcloud]

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